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Rising Sun Montessori Preschool

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Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

About Us

"We Start with the Heart and Make Learning Fun!"

At Rising Sun Montessori School, we have two wonderful classrooms that both offer the love and nurturing care that feels like home. All of our teachers at Rising Sun Montessori School hold a college degree or Early Childhood college credits and have years of experience teaching and guiding young children. Every day with the love and compassion for what they do makes for a safe and secure feeling for all our families.

The Little "Cub House" "Los Ositos" provides nurturing, loving, and quality care for six to eight children between the ages of two and three years old. Due to a much smaller, cozy, and intimate group, Los Ositos teachers are able to give individualized care, guidance, and aide younger children in the toilet training process.

The Early Learning Center differs from a traditional Montessori program in that we allow the child's natural play and innate curiosity to spark the love of learning. Our classrooms feature a purposeful arrangement of learning materials in a warm, non-competitive environment. Hands-on activities help to create self-directed independence. As your child repeats an exercise, concentration develops, and they gain confidence and a love of learning. The individualized freedom of self- expression allows each child to progress to his or her maximum potential at their own developmental rate.
In the event your child is a cub of "Los Ositos Cub House" and is ready to join the Early Learning Center, there is a smooth and organic transition. Cubs and parents have the opportunity to visit the early learning center from time to time before a full transition. Thus, parent and child already have trusting relationships with the teachers resulting in a continuation of care.

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Rising Sun Montessori School is committed to creating a warm, enriching, and nurturing early-childhood learning environment where our children can mature socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

We promote an organic approach that encourages children's learning through hands-on experiences and opportunities for multi-sensory exploration and discovery.

In support of our vision, our goal is to empower children to take intellectual risks while they explore the wonderful world of child play with making friends.

Educational Philosophy

At Rising Sun Montessori Preschool, we take your child's care and education to heart. We think that early childhood practices should be an amazing time of fun, adventure, playful exploration, and self-discovery. That is why our preschool program integrates academic and play-based developmentally appropriate practices that are designed to engage the child and invite active participation in the learning process. We truly believe that fostering this love for learning early on is key to your child's success and will help "light the way for the rest of his or her life."

We provide a loving, nurturing, and comfortable learning environment that feels secure and safe. Teacher-directed educational lessons and child-centered, play-based activities bring a balanced structure to our thoughtfully prepared, Montessori-inspired classroom. We have found that this collaboration of teaching methods help the child feel both comfortable and confident in exploring the world around them.

A big part of that world involves social interaction with other children. Social interactions help your child develop the important and necessary emotional skills in developing a sense of self-awareness. The ability to express themselves in a positive and constructive way with fellow classmates and teachers leads to independence, positive self-esteem, and confidence. At Rising Sun Montessori Preschool, illuminating the child's inner self is always our highest goal.